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Sample Prototype – FreeFlea

Desktop Website Homepage – User Interface Prototype

This is the desktop version of the website homepage will we quick and easy to load. The

User Interface Prototype
Clean design with beautiful large fonts that are meant for easy viewing. A home page without banners, unnecessary scripts or heavy image use makes the website quick to load.

App Landing Page / Mobile Website – User Interface Prototype

user interface prototype
Landing page / App home screen with a direct call to action search bar and an intuitive scroll down indication.

On Scroll Down

User interface prototype
Quick access to adding a product. Large button/icon indicators with a heavy contrast that reduce cognitive efforts thereby making the process of uploading faster.

Upload Page – User Interface Prototype

This is the mobile version of the product upload page.

user interface prototype
A two scroll product upload page with a clean form that makes it quick and easy for users to upload products.

Login / Register Page

This is the login/signup form.

user interface prototpe
A easy approach to registrations helping us prevent site drop outs.

The sign in / register form can be accessed from any part of the website/app.

User Interface Prototype
A smart approach to creating an site wide omnipresent sign in / up pop-up, instead of a time consuming extra dedicated page.

Product Page – Use Interface Prototype

This is the iPad landscape view.

User Interface Prototype
A nice flat design that does not tax the user’s eyes or crave for his attention. Interface Design with a focus on content beautification.

Product Listing / Search Result Page – User Interface Prototype

User Interface Prototype
Easy filter that make the users life simple. Quick information dissemination through nicely arranged boxes of content.

Interface Design Logic

Based on the feedback we received from the interviews we conducted from various stakeholders of the project there have been 3 main ideas that have governed the interface design logic. The layout, colours and typography are representatives of the following core ideas:

  • 1. Interface Efficiency – One of the premier reason’s our competitors haven’t succeed with an idea similar to this is because their interface lacked efficiency. Far too many clicks and round about navigation is required to achieve simple tasks. While designing this interface we have adopted a goal, not task, oriented approach. People want it done with few clicks, and fast.
  • 2. Inclusive Design – With a growing number of people of old age and with visual disabilities it was crucial to create an interface that would allow ease of access to as many as possible. Clear navigation, heavy contrast, large fonts and clarity are all elements of the interface design logic we adopted.
  • 3. Ubiquitous Design – This service will be accessed not just from desktops. This service will be accessed from laptops, desktops, ipads, iphones, android phones and tablets. Europe is showing early signs of an age of Ubiquitous Computing and we wanted to create a user interface with this future proof design thinking.

Thank You / Aitäh!