Failures make us stronger! The new Muft

F*ck Failing.

I stood outside CST station and Railtel office for 3 months to beg for permissions to start a free WiFi zone. I think Google provides WiFi there. I failed.

I flew to New Delhi, Chennai, Raipur and Hyderabad to beg for permissions to start large scale free WiFi zones in some neighborhoods. No government support. I failed.

Our first rounds of tech trails failed miserably. I lost all my savings in prototyping. I started borrowing money from family and friends.

2015 was full of fails.

But as I look back, all these fails have helped me create something larger.

In the past few months, my goal has been to transition Muft Internet​ (from a social movement) into a solid foundation.

Today we are a functional organization with zero donations, 5 full time employees and 120+ volunteers across India.

We have over 50 WiFi zones sponsored by advertisements – at cafes, hotels, colleges, hospitals, bus stops, public transport vehicles etc. We have 15 Internet service providers who use our technology.

We have enabled free Internet access for 100,000 users so far with more users coming in every month.

We have created new educational programs to create young entrepreneurs in the WiFi/Broadband space

And what do you think new website? Would love to get some feedback.

I have a feeling that there’s going to be a whole of lot of winning this year!

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