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Feedback, Errors, Forcing, Gestalt laws, Responsiveness

Feedback, Errors, Forcing, Gestalt laws, Responsiveness
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Examples of Various Errors:

  • Capture errors: While coding in HTML, I double click on the file icon instead of right-click and open with Notepad++. By double clicking it opens the file in Google Chrome.
  • Description errors: While using public transport in Tallinn, I have often scanned my loyalty card from co-market (a super market close to my house) because the cards look the same.
  • Data-driven errors: When I am on the go and I have to take quick notes like a phone number for a pizza place, and if my facebook on my smart phone is open, I usually use the text editor in the ‘messages’ to type the number. I tend to forget that FB text editor does not allow copy of text while typing a message.
  • Associative activation errors: To save money on international calling I use an app called Localphone. Localphone creates separate routing numbers with local extensions for international calls i.e. for every contact I have, there are two possible numbers. I usually call on the actual number instead of the routing number.
  • Loss-of-activation errors: When I am composing an email on my smart phone and I get interrupted by a facebook message notification. When I try to go back on ‘display all apps’ I forget what I started.
  • Premature conclusion errors: Shutting my PC when the display goes off but not the processing light. Always happens with Windows 8.
  • Mode errors: Trying to listen to music on my smart phone while it’s on silent mode.

Self Notes:

This is probably one of the best lectures so far. Whilst I enjoyed studying Feedback, Errors, Forcing and Responsiveness, I thoroughly enjoyed the concept of Gestalt Laws. It’s amazing how these set of rules have changed the way I look at information, systems, objects and design. I look at my past work experience and I believe my quality of output would be so much better if I knew what I know now because of these simple and fascinating set of laws.